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The award-winning Guild Players Theatre production group at Bishop DuBourg High School has a longstanding reputation for delivering stellar performances. Driven by talented casts, innovative set designs, and masterful lighting and sound design, the Guild strives mightily to provide its audiences with a quality evening of theatre, be it serious, comic, or musical. The Guild offers students the opportunity to be involved in a fall play and spring musical each year. From lighting and sound to costumes and make-up to dramatic, comic or musical performance, there is something for everyone! 

Many talented actors, actresses, and musical greats have graced the stage at Bishop DuBourg and moved on to attain success on other stages, films, and soundtracks, including: Ken Page ’72, Norbert Leo Butz ’85, Marcy Weigert ’06, Justin Leibrecht ’06, Greg Schweizer ’73, Mary Beth (Scherr) Babcock ’85, Jerry Ahillen ’81, Joe DiMercurio ’80 and Bob Thibaut '00. It is a great place to let the magic of theatre enrich your life, now and forever.


Mr. John Higgins
Theatre Director
(314) 783-4490