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Students will learn photography and graphic design basics to produce the annual student yearbook, The Cavalier



  1. Students will design and construct a properly formatted two page template.
  2. Students will conduct multiple interviews using proper etiquette and techniques.
  3. Students will write an accurate and grammatically correct story and captions pertaining to specified topic.
  4. Students will differentiate between high caliber photographs and low caliber images.
  5. Students will compile a portfolio of high caliber photographs taken by them.
  6. Students will exhibit respect for each other's work while peer-editing for quality.
  7. Students will use the Internet and multiple software applications to complete classroom and homework activities.
  8. Students will assemble the aforementioned elements to produce a distinguished yearbook.

Content (Knowledge, Skills & Values)

  1. Knowledge of template construction including, but not limited to: strategic design, graphic arts, typography, dominance, modules, overprint, adaptation and unification.
  2. Interviewing skills including technique and etiquette.
  3. Proper grammar including, but not limited to: fragments, run-ons, punctuation and clauses as leads.
  4. Elements of Photographic Composition including, but not limited to: simplicity, rule of thirds, path of moving subjects, use of lines, balance, angling, framing and mergers.
  5. Knowledge of proper image upload including pica, pixels, jpeg, tiff, grain and resolution.
  6. Use of software application skills including, but not limited to: filtering, blurring, distorting, texturizing, lighting, strokes, lassoing, magnetic lassoing, tonal contrast, tone sets, selective focus, brush selection, magic wand, smudging, sharpening, levels, feathering, growing, inversing, gradient, cropping , toggling, opacity and mode.

Yearbook Portraits

Yearbook Portraits are taken by RWRigdon Images. To purchase your students' photo, please visit their website.
Password: Cavaliers1718