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"I was a student at DuBourg from 2011-2015 and honestly they were some of the best years of my life. The things I learned at this school helped me so much in my life. I was part of the football team for two years and my senior year we won the first district title for the school and that team they were my brothers we were a family. Being a member of the Cavalier family meant so much to me and it still does. The values instilled in me there are values I will hold for life and and will pass down to my children. Bishop DuBourg isn’t just a school it’s a family and you’ll be a member of that family for life."

- Taylor McKay, Class of 2015
August 2018


"I was a DB student from 1974-1978 and I can tell you that the education and Christian values I learned there helped shape my future. I worked with children for many years, but felt a calling to work in EMS. I worked my way up the ladder from EMT and Paramedic to Critical Care Paramedic. There is no way I could have achieved those goals without the core education I received at Bishop DuBourg. I'm also proud to say that I am still great friends with many of my DB classmates and teachers 39 years later. Feeling very blessed!"

- Elizabeth Bentrup, Class of 1978
June, 2017


"The relationships I built during my tenure at DuBourg have created a strong network, both personally and professionally. Lifelong friendships are rare and precious and thanks to DuBourg, I have many."

- Darrick Engel, Class of 2007
June, 2017

"Our family has been affiliated with DuBourg for many years. My father, as well as many of my aunts and uncles were graduates. I am a 1985 graduate of Bishop DuBourg as well as a current parent of a third generation DuBourg student. As a student I felt I received an exceptional education. As the parent of a transfer student, I am pleased with the welcome given to my son by the faculty, staff and students. He has been able to quickly assimilate into the community and has made many friends. I feel that he too is receiving an excellent Catholic education. We are still proud to be Cavaliers!"

 - Catherine De Moor Grindel, Class of 1985, Legacy Parent
June, 2017

"Bishop DuBourg is our second family and home. It is very warm, welcoming, and inclusive. Our kids love it there!!"

- Robert & Donna Slenker, Current Parents
June, 2017


"My favorite thing about Bishop DuBourg High School was I felt like I received the perfect high school experience. I was able to receive a wonderful Catholic education, learn, gain knowledge, make new friends, and I always listened to and got along with my teachers. Another wonderful thing about going to DuBourg was, I was able to follow in some of my family members' and godparents' footsteps. Both of my uncles, and godfather went there. I also have two godmothers, who used to teach at DuBourg. Going to Bishop DuBourg High School was one of the best things that ever happened in my life, and I will never forget my times there. Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier."

- Henry Knarr, Class of 2016
June, 2017


"Bishop DuBourg is a hidden gem in St Louis. I am an alumni and my 3 children chose to go there not because I forced them but because it felt like the right choice. All 3 of them are different and all have enjoyed their time at DB; plus helped prepare them for after high school. DB offers a wide array academic programs to meet students interests and needs. The extra-curriculum activities has something for everyone. Check out DB to see what it all has to offer."

- Joe Goedeker Class of 1984, Legacy Parent
June, 2017


"People are always in a rush to graduate high school, but DB is a place where I'd go back. It was the best four years of my life. I made so many best friends there and I even keep in touch with some of the teachers who helped shape who I am today. Without DuBourg, I would still be shy and not have too many friends, DB helped bring me out of my shell and I am so blessed for that."

- Mary Kosta, Class of 2013
June, 2017


"From grade school summer camps, to my four years as a student, and even now being 5 years out of high school, DB has always been a place to call home and come back to. DB helped me distinguish the type of person, friend, leader, athlete, and student I wanted to be. It makes me proud to come back and visit the school, seeing how far it has come and how much they have accomplished in the short time that I have been gone. #DBPride"

- Jordan Quinlan, Class of 2012
June, 2017


"I went through one of the hardest points in my life during my time at DB. With the love and support of my family at DuBourg I was able to not only overcome this difficult time but become a stronger person who lives a life closer to God. I would not trade my time at DB for anything in the world. I'm thankful for the friends that I was able to meet at my time at DB that I still hang out with today and will be friends with for life."

- Kathleen (Kacie) Trueman, Class of 2015
June, 2017


"DB helped me soar. It offered so many opportunities and I jumped at a lot of them. Volunteering, student government, sports, clubs and just making friends from so many neighborhoods and parishes. It was a safe environment where people cared. I rarely go anywhere without seeing/knowing someone from the DuBourg family."

- Rose (Milford) Lauman, Class of 1975, Legacy Parent
June, 2017


"I graduated in 1971. Got a great education and learned respect and manners. We had to with all the sisters and priests that were always present!"

- Linda Hopkins, Class of 1971
April, 2017


"I really enjoyed attending Bishop DuBourg. There were some great teachers and great fellow students as well. It felt like a close-knit family, although back then there were many more students at DB than there are today. Those four years gave me a well-rounded education that helped me when I got out "in the real world". I enjoyed taking Intro to Pysch and Into to Journalism. I ended up meeting my future husband there. We were friends first, and then we started dating after I graduated. He was from the class of 1974. We had many of the same teachers, and often reminisce about our times at DB! I am happy that our parents recognized the importance of a good Christian education."

- Linda (Linkul) Amad, Class of 1975
December, 2016

"Bishop DuBourg was not our first choice of high schools for our daughter. WE wanted her to go to another school, I will admit it was a silly reason, but DuBourg just wasn't as pretty as the school we thought she should go to. She participated in one of the shadow days at both schools and decided she liked the DuBourg community the best. Bishop DuBourg IS a community full of teachers and administrators who truly care about each child. DB has excellent academics, wonderful extra curricular opportunities and sports programs. DuBourg has definitely prepared her for college. Her guidance counselor at DB was awesome and helped us get great scholarships from the college. She made some lovely life-long friendships at DB too. And DB worked with us on a monthly payment plan all four years, which was very helpful. I have recommended DB to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you DB for having such a big heart and looking after our kids."

- Ginger Reese, Alumni Parent
December, 2016


"I love DB for so many reasons so I will just give a few in no particular order. First, you truly become part of their family. Just a few examples: Father Mike, not as president which I don't remember if he even was at the time, coming to my daughters hospital room to pray with us 4 years ago; Ms. Timoney riding in the ambulance from school to St. Louis Children's Hospital with my daughter last year. Second, they offer something for everyone both academically and extracurricular. They have programs for those who are gifted and for those who need a learning consultant. Unlike other schools, your child is put in each class based on their ability in that class so they may be in the highest English class but a lower Math class. The have extracurricular activities from sports to robotics and everything in between and yes you might see the football player in a play! At DB, kids are appreciated for their differences which is how the world should be. Third, is the diversity. I want my kids to be in a school that is like the diverse world we live in. Fourth, DB lives it's motto "Faith in Christ...Service to Others" and this is something that every child needs especially in today's world."

- Tonia Lohman, Current & Alumni Parent
September, 2016


"I graduated from Bishop DuBourg in May of 1994...I absolutely loved it!!! When my family moves back, we are planning on sending my kids there!!!"

- Jennifer Parsons, Class of 1994
February, 2016

"Went to this school for 4 years and graduated in May this year. I had nothing but amazing experience here. The teachers have taught me a lot, they're great. The administration makes it fun and the whole atmosphere is like a family. I will surely miss this place. Any parents who are thinking about Catholic high schools, send your kid here. It will make them feel like part of a family and it is just a fun place with a good education."

- Matt Witt, Class of 2015

July, 2015


"Wonderful community! Close knit family! The kids really get involved!"

- Kelly Preiss Simonds, Alumni Parent
April, 2015

"Great School Family! The Academy for Advanced Studies is excellent."

- Denise Zimmer Buck, Class of 1987, Legacy Parent
July, 2013




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