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A well-developed technology program to complement the curriculum is essential in developing an enhanced college preparatory experience for our students. In the 2015-16 school year, Bishop DuBourg High School introduced a school wide One-to-One Tablet Initiative. Each Bishop DuBourg student will be equipped with a Microsoft Surface tablet that offers students the ability to utilize the tablet as a laptop or touch screen device. When considering our technology choices for one-to-one, we selected a tablet which is more affordable for our families and also compatible with the Microsoft technology that is already used in most homes.

The purpose of this One-to-One Tablet Initiative is to provide our students the opportunity to integrate technology into all aspects of the educational experience. Our goal is to fully engage the students in the learning process and extend their classroom experiences beyond pages of books and walls of the school building. Utilizing these tablets on a regular basis will allow students to understand the valuable role of technology in their high school education and in their future educational endeavors.

What type of tablet is used at DB?

Microsoft Surface Pro4, a tablet that acts like a laptop.


Why this tablet?

This tablet meets the educational needs of our students and faculty and is financially feasible for our families.


How much do the tablets cost per school year?

Bishop DuBourg leases the tablets to each family for a fee of $275. This fee is added to each families’ tuition plan. 


What does the tablet fee cover?

The fee covers the use of the tablet, pen, charger, extended warranty, software (Microsoft Office, antivirus, web filter, etc.), in-school tech support, use of school printers, and wireless network, and student training. The school provided web filter (Barracuda) will keep students from going to unapproved (non-educational) websites while at school and at home.


Do students use the same tablet all four years?

The quality of the product and the outstanding warranty that comes with it will allow students to use this product for all four years. 


When students graduate, are they able to purchase their tablets?

Because of our agreement with Microsoft, we will be keeping the tablets for four years at DB. This ensures that the tablets will all be under warranty. In 2021, we will sell these tablets to interested families.


Do students have use of the tablet outside of school?

Yes. Students may use the tablet at home in the evening, on weekends, and possibly over the summer months provided all payment requirements are met each year. The IT Director may decide it is necessary to keep the tablet at school for part of the summer for routine updates and imaging. If a student does not follow DB’s Acceptable Use Policy, the student may lose the privilege of using a tablet outside of school.


When do students receive their tablets?

Each student and at least one parent/guardian must attend an orientation and training session in early August. During this session, the tablet will be distributed once the user agreement is signed by both the student and parent.


May students opt out of using the tablet?

No. The benefits of this educational tool can only be achieved if all students use them each day.


If a student already has a tablet, will he or she be able to use that one at DB?

No. Bishop DuBourg will set up each tablet as a managed device on our network to ensure DB has consistent security, configuration and content.


Is there technical support for the tablet at DB?

Yes. DB provides technical support during school, and loaner tablets are available if extensive work is needed on the tablet.


Do you need to purchase a case and screen cover?
Although Microsoft prides itself in the durability of the Surface Pro, we strongly recommend purchasing a protective case for the tablet. The use of a screen protector will help against scratches and breakage. From past experiences, we have seen that storing the tablet in a backpack or purse can cause damage to it.
What are the details of the warranty?

There are two types of damages - external and internal.  Microsoft will usually cover all internal damages at no cost (i.e. tablet will not start up, touch screen has stopped working, keyboard has stopped working (excluding damaged keyboards), etc. Handling is also free for all internal damages. External damages will be assessed a fine (i.e. cracks in the screen, items jammed or broken off in the ports, spillage, etc.)  Handling is $20 for all external damages.  When a student causes external damage to their tablet, we will require that a case be purchased and used at all times.

External Damage Fees within a school year:
With a case on                           Without a case
First Time     $20                         First Time               $75
Second Time $75                       Second Time          Fees determined by IT Department
Third Time  $100                        Third Time              Fees determined by IT Department
What hardware is not covered under the warranty?
Keyboards, chargers, and pens are not covered. 
Examples of replacement costs are:
Keyboard      $130             Pen      $100            Charger      $80
What happens if the tablet gets broken, lost or stolen?
If the tablet is lost or stolen, the family will be billed the total cost of a new device with warranty. All damage must be reported in a timely manner – within one school day. Depending on the timing of the incident, the replacement cost is estimated to be around $1000. If the power/charging cord is lost, the student will have to pay $80 to replace the cord.
Does Bishop DuBourg supply loss/theft insurance?
No. Families may check with their insurance carriers to see if their homeowner’s insurance covers loss or theft of the tablet.
How can students distinguish their tablets from other tablets?
All tablets have an identification label. This label must not be removed. Students cannot decorate the tablet or the keyboard.  Students may decorate their cases if they choose to purchase one. Please use only school-appropriate materials for decorations.
What about care for the tablet during the school day or after school? What if students participate in extra-curricular activities?
When not being carried by the students or used in the classroom, tablets should be locked in the students’ lockers. Tablets should not be brought to PE classes unless indicated by the teacher. Tablets should be locked in lockers or other secure places during after-school activities.
Will Bishop DuBourg use electronic textbooks?
Yes, but not exclusively. Textbooks will still be distributed in some classes. The goal in using the tablets is to reduce the reliance on one textbook; however, this process will be phased in over the next few years.
If the student forgets their tablet at home, are loaner tablets available?
It is extremely important that the students bring their tablets on a daily basis. With a limited number of loaner tablets, we do not have enough tablets to loan to students on a regular basis. If a student requests a loaner on a regular basis, then a fee/fine may be assessed. Loaner tablets and chargers will be available in the main office for students to check-out for the day (not overnight). Students will need to leave a personal item of value (i.e. cell phone) when checking out a loaner tablet.
Are students be allowed to charge their tablets during the school day?
Tablets need to be charged each night at home. Students must come to school with a fully charged tablet each school day. If the student does not have a charged tablet, then the student will be unable to participate in class activities. There are limited charging areas in each classroom which the students may use during academic hour and before or after school. Students will need to have their own power/charging cords to charge their tablets at school.