Athletic Teams

Athletics in high school are a big deal, and at Bishop DuBourg, it's no different! Bishop DuBourg has many athletic opportunities, ranging over three seasons, through 25+ athletic teams on the Freshmen, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels.

Participating in multiple sports is the norm, rather than the exception at Bishop DuBourg, as we have many student-athletes who participate in up to four sports per school year.
Although most of our athletic teams consist of multi-sport athletes, we continue to excel yearly, not only in the classroom, but also on the field.
Bishop DuBourg is proud of:
  • 5 State Championships
  • 150 District Championships
  • 26 State Banners since 1996
  • 180+ All-State Athletes

Fall Sports:

  • Coed Cross Country
  • Boys Football
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Softball
  • Girls Tennis
  • Spirit Squad

Winter Sports:

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Girls Swimming
  • Spirit Squad

Spring Sports:

  • Coed Track and Field
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Boys Tennis
  • Boys Baseball