Christian Service

Schoolwide Service Hours

We've compiled a list of addresses of local assisted living centers, hospitals and first responders. We invite anyone to consider writing a note of comfort to senior residents or a thank you note to the medical workers or first responders putting themselves at risk to take care of others. You can send them pictures you have drawn, prayers or poems you have written, or general well wishes – everyone likes to get mail and know they are cared for!

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As an Archdiocesan High School, Bishop DuBourg High School strives to instill the Church's teachings in each student and their personal relationship with God. Bishop DuBourg students are required to take four years of religion and attend monthly all-school masses.
In addition, each class participates in a minimum of one retreat, or a day of prayer, during the academic year. Juniors participate in a three-day Kairos retreat in which they spend time in prayerful reflection in an environment where a strong relationship with Jesus is encouraged.
Bishop DuBourg students are called to serve locally and within the community at large. To advance our mission, we require that students complete annual Christian Service hours.
  • Freshmen: 20 hours
  • Sophomores 25 hours
  • Juniors 35 hours
  • Seniors 70 hours*
    *50 hours due to restrictions during the 2020-21 school year
Students receive a .1 unit of credit for successful completion of Christian Service Hours each year.
Service sites typically include local hospitals, retirement and nursing home facilities, non-profit organizations, schools and daycares. Opportunities to serve beyond the St. Louis boundaries are available through annual service trips over the winter and summer months. These trips have included Joplin and Ellington, MO and Tupelo, MS. There are also active Pro-Life and Campus Ministry clubs available for students to join.
The benefits of Christian service hours extend far beyond the service itself. It is our hope that this experience will be the beginning of a life-long commitment to service.

The idea of “giving back” is instilled throughout the Bishop DuBourg high school experience. Students are expected to embody the motto “Faith in Christ…Service to Others.” The DB family encourages our students to explore their comfort zones and go beyond them, seek experiences that will challenge them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. DB holds service in such high esteem, that it is incorporated into the curriculum and is a graduation requirement.  


The service program at DB spans all four years with required hours per year. The Senior Service Project is a program that sends our seniors out into the community to volunteer in various ways and at a variety of sites. The majority of our students Lent their talents and help to such sites as hospitals, grade schools, private and public, daycare centers, special education schools, parishes and nursing homes.  Each senior is responsible for accruing 70 hours minimum during this 10 day leave from classes. 


The DB family wishes to continually give back to the local community and beyond. We hope each of our students graduate not only full of knowledge, but a heart full of faith, hope, love, and giving back. The true measure of success of our students isn’t the diploma after four years; it is the connection they have made with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Bishop DuBourg High School is a member of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. To learn more, please visit