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Students who join FRC clubs have access to over $19 million in scholarship money.
Read the 2016 First Edition Robotics Magazine created by the students below!


Ann Kelly, coach - 2016
Being involved with the Bishop DuBourg Robotics Team is one of the best things that I've had the privilege of doing as a teacher.  As the coach of the team, I have a unique opportunity to help these remarkable young men and women in their quest to forge a path to their future,  a path that will take them through new adventures where they are able to explore possible careers and where they can use the most modern technology to hone the crafts they'll need to be successful.  The students are able to learn the tricks of the trade from the professionals who are the experts in their field, and who graciously volunteer their time, talent, & treasure as mentors of our team. Being able to watch these talented young people realize that they can do anything they put their mind to is amazing, as is watching them grow into maturity & leadership as they work hand-in-hand with our mentors designing and building our robots.  I find my work with Robotics to be awe-inspiring, and nothing ever ceases to amaze me.
In the course of this past year, we've added to our collection of awards:  Best in Show at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Volunteer of the Year for the FLL Eastern Division of Missouri, and the Team Spirit Award at the STL Regional FRC Competition at Chaifetz Arena. I was also presented with the Woodie Flowers Award at the STL Regional. This award is named after an MIT Professor Emeritus and bestowed upon one mentor/coach at each regional competition. The team nominated me in a written letter as their choice of the best adult working with the team and deserving of this prestigious award. The judges at the STL Regional read through all of the nominations, agreed with our students, and then named me as the 2015 recipient of the award.  As I thanked everyone through tears that night at dinner for all they had done this year to get us where we are as a team, and for nominating me for the award, I reminded them that, "We succeed and fail as a team, and no one individual is solely responsible for that. We are a team, and I couldn't do what I do without them. We are a team to be reckoned with ...many teams have seen in our displays the outstanding job that we do in Outreach and Community Service. They are copying us...and that's a good thing!  Now, we have to keep moving that bar we've set even higher. It's a challenge...but we are definitely up to it!"


The DB Robotics team started in 2007 with support from FIRST Robotics, the Doerr Family, teacher Ann Kelly and mentor Mark Cline, an engineer for Boeing. In their first appearance at FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), DB was honored with the Motivation Award.

In 2008, the team's mentor, Mr. Cline, passed away and the team struggled with the will to continue. However, with the support of Ms. Kelly, they decided to continue with Mr. Cline's dream of entering the big competition, and did so in his honor.
Cline's colleague, Marcos Chu, stepped in to take over as mentor for the DB team and teacher Mr. Berry helped out as a technical mentor. Mr. Chu helped the team secure necessary funds by writing the Boeing grant, which awarded them $6,000 to cover the cost of their robot kit. Further financial assistance was donated by ITT Technical Institute after meeting the team at an Engineering Career Day in 2008. The Doerr family and several local businesses also provided generous support.
In 2009, Bishop DuBourg High School designated a classroom and necessary materials specifically for the Robotics team. Students attended workshops at Imagineering to learn all about programming and other helpful engineering information.
The Robotics Team was featured on "Show Me St. Louis" in 2009. They also got to participate in the FRC Regional Competition for the first time that year and took home the Rookie Inspiration Award.

In 2013, DB's team was on the waiting list to compete in the FIRST World Championships, and they were invited to participate!

In 2014, DB's team made the cut for the World Championships because they earned the prestigious Engineering Inspiration Award. Moreover, that year there were only 400 berths world-wide. DB was one of the top 400 teams from around the world! There are over 5,000 teams world-wide in about 80 countries.

2015 - Andrew Barrett, an engineer at Boeing, volunteers as DB's mentor.

The Robotics Team was awarded with the 2015 Outstanding Spirit Award at the FIRST Robotics Competition held at Chaifetz Arena in March, 2015 for their exemplary efforts in engaging the St. Louis region in the event and their overall enthusiasm about the competition.
Additionally, the DB team wrote a heart-felt essay nominating their moderator, Ann Kelly, for the 2015 Woodie Flowers Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award, which she won! (Flowers is the Prof. Emeritus of Engineering at MIT). DB's performance at the FRC put them on the waitlist to compete in the World Championships at America's Center in April! Over 5,000 teams from 80 countries try to earn a spot at the Championships. In qualifying matches around the world, 600 of those 5,000 teams had scored enough points to earn a berth at the World Championship. This year, those 600 teams represent every state of the USA, plus Canada, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Australia, Netherlands, Taiwan, and United Kingdom.) 

2016 - DB's team earns another bid to the World Championship!

Congratulations to our Robotics Team who received a bid to compete in the 2016 World Championships held in St. Louis this year! Thousands of teams from all over the world compete for a spot in Worlds each year, and we are so proud of our team for all their hard work to get there. Over 40,000 participants from 43 countries with over 800 Robots competed this year!

2017 - St. Louis Review article on DB Robotics and the Clavius Project - March 17, 2017

2018 - DB Team 2978 Places 2nd at FIRST Regional Competition - March 2018


Robotics Team Goals
  • Study the principles of Gracious Professionalism, and practice them consistently
  • Bring out the best in ourselves by bringing out the best in each other.
  • Model Gracious Professionalism to everyone else in our school community.
  • Carry these principles into other aspects of our lives.
  • Model each component of the first acronym
Robotics Team Pledge of Gracious Professionalism
  • Each of us will develop our unique talents, so we can give back to the world.
  • We aim to bring out the best in each other, And they bring out the best un ourselves
  • We congratulate each other for good ideas and efforts. We disapprove of negative remarks.
  • We shall show the highest level of cheerfulness during the good and bad times. If a teammate begins to express anger we will intervene. Please be respectful of our intervention. We care.
  • In our workshop, we engage in productive conversations. During personal breaks, we move other topics outside.
  • At the end of every meeting, we clean up our area; when we arrive the next day, we are ready to work.
See more information about the Robotics Team on the student-built site here!