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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at Bishop DuBourg!



For information on Bishop DuBourg's Safe Environment Compliance, please visit this page.


Parking Garages

DB participates in working the parking garages during Cardinals games as a team/organization fundraiser. We are always looking for help filling these positions. Please see below for important information regarding working the garages:
  • Volunteers will meet at Bishop DuBourg and carpool to the respective garage they are assigned. Volunteers must be ready at the garage at least three hours prior to the game start time. Parking is free for volunteer drivers on the garage rooftop level.
  • Volunteers must dress in brown khaki pants/shorts and tennis shoes. For safety reasons, no sandals, no open-toed or slip-on shoes are allowed. Anyone not dressed properly will be sent back.
  • We understand that sometimes circumstances occur when persons cannot make the assigned date. Please call the coach in charge of that date. It is our responsibility to have enough workers at each garage. It is your responsibility to find a replacement. You will be charged a $50.00 penalty for failure to work or find a replacement. Being understaffed could jeopardize our school getting and keeping other baseball dates.
  • There are supervisors and off-duty police officers assigned to each parking garage to ensure the safety of the volunteers.
  • All student and parent volunteers were informed of the dates BEFORE school was dismissed in June.
  • The garage will provide water for workers. Bring snacks or money for food if you want, especially if you work the longer shift.
  • Workers are not allowed to be on their phone, iPod, etc. while working.
Please contact: Angie Calloni 314-483-4412