Religion and English: 4 credits each
Mathematics, Science and Social Studies: 3 credits each
World Languages: 2 credits
Cavalier Experience, Physical Education and Visual & Performing Arts: 1 credit each
Practical Arts, Computer Applications, Health & Wellness and Personal Finance: .5 credits each
Electives: 6 credits
Christian Service: .4 credits (.1 credits/year)

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The A+ Schools Program provides applicants who meet the A+ requirements free tuition and fees to any approved community college or post-secondary vocational or technical school as a full-time student. Many 4-year colleges and universities also offer scholarships or grants to students who have been certified as an A+ student.
This program is a wonderful opportunity for Bishop DuBourg students. The main requirements include a 2.5 cumulative grade point average, a 95% cumulative attendance record, a qualifying score (15-17) on the Math section of the ACT test, and a total of 50 hours of unpaid tutoring/mentoring over the four years of high school.

Guidance Calendar

Southeast Missouri State
Date: 10/19/2021, 7:50 AM 8:30 AM
Location: Guidance
University of Kansas
Date: 10/22/2021, 7:50 AM 8:30 AM
Location: Guidance
St. Mary's University
Date: 10/26/2021, 7:50 AM 8:30 AM
Location: Guidance
Missouri National Guard visit
Date: 10/27/2021, 11:35 AM 12:45 PM
Location: Breezeway @ lunch time
Missouri State University - Springfield - College visit
Date: 10/28/2021, 7:50 AM 8:30 AM
Location: Guidance
U. S. Navy visit
Date: 10/28/2021, 11:20 AM 12:40 PM
Location: Breezeway @ lunch time
Central Methodist University College Visit
Date: 10/29/2021, 7:45 AM 8:45 AM
Location: Guidance
U. S. Navy visit
Date: 11/2/2021, 7:45 AM 8:30 AM
Location: Guidance
Maryville University of St. Louis - College Visit
Date: 11/4/2021, 7:45 AM 8:30 AM
Location: Guidance
University of Missouri - St. Louis college visit
Date: 11/11/2021, 7:45 AM 8:45 AM
Location: Guidance