Catholic Identity

Bishop DuBourg is one of nine Archdiocesan Catholic high schools in a region that also hosts 18 other private Catholic high schools.  The Archbishop of St. Louis delegates the Catholic Education Office to staff and operate the high school. The Archdiocese of St. Louis, of course, participates in the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops which is in union with all bishops’ conferences throughout the world under the direction of the Holy Father and the College of Bishops. 

Various symbols of the Catholic faith including crucifixes, crosses, statues, paintings, insignia, phrases, and words are evident inside and outside the building. Our motto, “Faith in Christ . . . Service to Others,” adorns the main hallway by our campus ministry office. The Bishop DuBourg community prays regularly: monthly all-school Mass, Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday, staff prayer every Wednesday, Sacrament of Confession every Advent, Lent, and Junior Kairos retreat, faculty prayer daily, prayer on student-led DBC Live TV Broadcast every day, prayer before every class begins, and prayer before meals.  

Our Catholic identity is emphasized in the following ways: daily Religion classes, required Christian service hours, two-week-long Senior Christian service project, vibrant Pro-Life Club, Liturgical Music and Campus Ministry Club, prayer days and overnight retreats for our students, Archbishop May Service Award, Martin Luther King Jr., Model of Justice Award, and ACA essay contest.

To enhance a Christian climate at Bishop DuBourg, our staff is trained to see each student as a “child of God.”  We strive to instill a Christian atmosphere in our halls where every child is known by name and connected to at least one adult in the building. As our Pledge states, we endeavor to “uphold the God-given dignity of each person, to be a peacemaker, to recognize the gifts of all people and to stand up against and report all injustice whenever and wherever” we see it.

Bishop DuBourg High School is a member of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. To learn more, please visit