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Meet the Alumni Association Board!

Teri Diehl  Teri Diehl '87
Jamie FrisellaJamie Frisella '91
Vice President
Marie McCloskeyMarie (Hessi) McCloskey '81
Amy GasselAmy Gassel '92
Member at Large
Catie WardCatie Ward '13
Member at Large
Want to get involved in the Alumni Association? Let us know by filling out this interest form! We'll be sending out more information about upcoming opportunities, like the DB E-Raffle and the Taste of DB event, in the next few weeks.
The Bishop DuBourg High School Alumni Association strengthens lifelong bonds between all members of the DB Family by inspiring Cavalier pride, providing quality programs that enhance the DB community, and supporting DB in its mission.
The Association will promote a lifelong commitment between Bishop DuBourg and its alumni by providing alumni opportunities to engage in spiritual, educational, professional, social, and community service activities and by providing Bishop DuBourg the perspective and support of alumni in its life and growth.

The Bishop DuBourg High School Alumni Association will provide all DB alumni with multiple opportunities to remain involved with the DB Family.

1. Connect with DB alumni
2. Support DB students and faculty
3. Offer alumni a continued spiritual path after DB
4. Strengthen Bishop DuBourg

General Member Expectations:

  • Support the Association with your time, energy, and resources.
  • Commit to attending general meetings when available and any meetings pertaining to a DB event/activity that you volunteer to assist with when available.
  • Be familiar with alumni activities, events, and programs. Familiarize yourself with Bishop DuBourg and its marketing materials. This will assist when speaking to families and alumni about Bishop DuBourg.
  • Support the vision and mission of Bishop DuBourg.
  • Take pride in the rich history of Bishop DuBourg.



  • Must have attended DB for at least 2 years or
  • Must have graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School and
  • Must be in good standing with Bishop DuBourg High School and the community.

Class Rep Job Description

As a member of the Bishop DuBourg Alumni Association, a Class Rep is accepted based on involvement, support, and commitment to Bishop DuBourg High School.  Reps are asked to serve in a two-year capacity, fulfill the requirements of members, and meet the responsibilities associated with Association membership.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Contacting classmates for a phone-a-thon
    • Contact classmates about upcoming fundraisers
    • Thank classmates for donations/events
    • Call, email, Facebook

  • Updating information of classmates (phone, social media, etc.)
    • Keep DB informed on what is going on with classmates
    • Address, information, updates

  • Keep classmates updated on DB information (emails, social media)
    • Assist in emailing classmates with DB information
    • Assist in managing social media for class (many have a Facebook page)

  • Work DB events such as Homecoming, the Gala, Golf Tournament, etc.
    • Assist DB in working fundraising and friend-raising events
    • Attend events and show support of Bishop DuBourg
    • Assist in promoting DB events through word of mouth and social media

  • Create new events for alumni such as Happy Hours and Luncheons
    • Recruit alumni to assist with a variety of events to appeal to different groups

  • Assist with Class Reunions on committees

  • Meet throughout the year
    • Attend meetings as needed for events/activities
    • Attend two biannual meetings with all members at DB
    • Help recruit members to the Association

  • Should Class Rep choose to leave the role, assist in finding a replacement
Follow the Alumni Association on social media:
Instagram: @DuBourgAlumni
Questions about the Alumni Association? Contact Director of Alumni Relations Angela Calloni '98.