Admissions Process

A Letter from the Bishop DuBourg Admissions Director



Welcome to DB!

Hello, my name is Deanne Rodgers and I am a 2011 graduate of Bishop DuBourg High School. As the Director of Admissions, I am here to serve the families of St. Louis by creating an easy transition from grade school to high school and a seamless transfer for students who are looking for a better fit and want to make DB their home. 

Why Bishop DuBourg? I had a wonderful high school experience. At DB, I was able to make connections with faculty and staff members who genuinely cared about my success. I had the flexibility to take classes that fit my interests and prepare me for college. Bishop DuBourg gave me skills to be a successful student, independent and have real-life social skills.  With a co-educational environment, I was prepared socially for life outside of high school.

Coming back home to Bishop DuBourg has been an incredible experience. I am able to participate in long-lasting traditions while seeing how much the school has grown. Bishop DuBourg has a diverse population, so every student will find a club, sport, or organization that fits their interests and allows them to get involved. The Academy of Advanced Studies challenges top honors students to work to their full potential and strive to be the best Cavalier. 

I am proud to be a Cavalier and offer students such an incredible experience. While I usually encourage students to visit campus in person, this year, we are bringing the campus to you through several virtual events. I'm looking forward to connecting with you and helping you to experience what it means to be a Cavalier.

Faith in Christ…Service to Others


Deanne Rodgers

Bishop DuBourg High School

Director of Admissions


Online Application Process 2021-22

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Next steps:
  • A student profile will be emailed to applicants in December and due back in early January.
  • The Merit Based Scholarship Application and Academy of Advanced Studies Application will be emailed to all first choice applicants in early December and are due in early January.
  • In January, elementary school principals send copies of applicant’s first semester report cards to Bishop DuBourg High School.
  • In early February, Bishop DuBourg High School will deliver acceptance letters to students.


If you would like any other information regarding admissions, please contact Admissions Director Deanne Rodgers '11 at 314.783.4419.