Bishop DuBourg High School

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Academic Profile

Accredited By:  AdvancED
Association of Schools

5850 Eichelberger (314) 832-3030         
CEEB/ACT Code:  262-931
St. Louis, MO  63109 (314) 832-0529 Fax

OWNERSHIP: Bishop DuBourg High School is owned and managed by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Missouri. Visit their website here. The school was founded in 1950-1951 and now has a student population of 335 with 50 full time professional staff.

Fr. Michael Lydon - President
Dr. Bridget Timoney - Principal
Mr. Troy Ufert - Dean of Students
Ms. Deanne Rodgers '11  - Admissions Director
Mr. Steve Bettlach - Athletic Director

Ms. Amy Rauscher '90
Mrs. Samantha Millner

CURRICULUM: Bishop DuBourg High School offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum designed to prepare all our students for college and post-high school life. The Bishop DuBourg High School curriculum is well rounded, challenging and individualized to meet the varying academic needs and interests of all our students.


Religion   4 credits Mathematics  3 credits  Cavalier Experience   1 credit
English   4 credits Practical Arts   .5 credit  Physical Education  1 credit
Science   3 credits Computer Applications   .5 credit  Health & Wellness  .5 credit
Social Studies   3 credits Personal Finance   .5 credit  Christian Service  .4 credit
Foreign Language  2 credits Visual & Performing Arts     1 credit  Electives  6 credits

Sophomores-25 hours
Juniors-35 hours
Seniors-70 hours

ACADEMY OF ADVANCED STUDIES (AAS):  The Academy of Advanced Studies is an honors program which offers students a rigorous course of academics. Students must apply for admission into the Academy and are accepted based on standardized test scores, grades, leadership potential and an interview. Academy students have the opportunity to take 18 enriched, honors, advanced or college credit courses during their four years.  Students in the Academy must take at least 16 of these 18 designated courses. Students must also exemplify hard work and responsibility, demonstrate leadership and respect for others, maintain an excellent attendance record, and maintain at least a 3.5 G.P.A. Special Academy seminar courses and summer elective courses are designated by an AAS on the transcript.


 A = 4.0 A = 5.0 93 - 100%
 B = 3.0 B = 4.0 85 -   92%
 C = 2.0 C = 3.0 78 -   84%
 D = 1.0 D = 2.0 70 -   77%
 F  = 0.0 F  = 1.0   0 -   69%

HONORS LEVEL COURSES: Letter grades are weighted 1.0 higher than the standard 4.0 point scale for the year.

**Honors English III (Intro to Literature Honors Chemistry **Calculus **Honors American History **Honors Spanish III  & First-Year Writing) Advanced Chemistry   Honors Algebra II/Trig **Honors Western Civilization **Honors Spanish IV 
**Honors English IV (Topics in Literature Honors Physics   Advanced Math Advanced Art Studies IV **Honors French III & Intro to Drama) Anatomy & Physiology      Concert Band IV **Honors French IV 

ADVANCED COLLEGE CREDIT COURSES: **May be taken through Saint Louis University and University of Missouri – St. Louis. 
A total of 47 advanced college credits are offered.
RANKING OF STUDENTS: As of the 2014-15 school year, Bishop DuBourg High School does not rank students.

In courses where success in the second semester is directly dependent on skill or knowledge included in the first semester work, the first semester failure may be made up if the second semester grade is passing. Students are given a “D” for the first semester.

All Foreign Language Courses  
All Full Credit Science Courses  
All Full Credit Mathematics Courses

Faith in Christ…Service to Others