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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Awareness
Craig Edmond

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion While Climbing the Ladder

Bishop DuBourg High School was an amazing experience for me. Bishop DuBourg has helped me grow in my personal and professional life. Being apart of such an open and diverse environment taught me countless things about life and the people around me. During my time at DuBourg I was fortunate enough to be apart of the sports programs. We had great leaders who not only taught us the game but what it means to have integrity and believe in yourself. Being a student at Bishop DuBourg has no doubt played a huge role in the man I have become today.

After high school I didn’t take the “traditional route”. I went right into my career working in the automotive field. I started at Ford and worked in a position that would set me up to climb. I am now part of the team at Lexus. I worked my way into business development and have taken part of helping create a multi-step plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness.

Carrie (Mudd) Jones '84
Director of Alumni Relations 
(314) 783-4412


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