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The Bishop DuBourg High School Alumni Association strengthens lifelong bonds between all members of the DB Family by inspiring Cavalier pride, providing quality programs that enhance the DB community, and supporting DB in its mission.

The Association will promote a lifelong commitment between Bishop DuBourg and its alumni by providing alumni opportunities to engage in spiritual, educational, professional, social, and community service activities and by providing Bishop DuBourg the perspective and support of alumni in its life and growth.


The Bishop DuBourg High School Alumni Association will provide all DB alumni with multiple opportunities to remain involved with the DB Family.


1. Connect with DB alumni
2. Support DB students and faculty
3. Offer alumni a continued spiritual path after DB
4. Strengthen Bishop DuBourg


Amy Gassel '92, Member at Large
Carrie (Mudd) Jones '84
Director of Alumni Relations
(314) 783-4412