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At DB, it costs approximately $15,500 to educate one student. Thanks to our generous and philanthropic donors, including many alumni who believe in our mission, we are able to generate an annual operating budget that allows us to charge less than that per student. We understand the extreme value of this education, and we work very hard to keep it affordable for our families. We are proud to offer scholarships, tuition assistance, and creative payment plans for our families which keeps the desirable Catholic education affordable, achievable, and available for a larger number of students.  


Tuition: $12,500
Tablet Fee: $150
Tech Fee: $160
Graduation Fee: $175
Total = $12,985
Tuition: $12,500
Tech Fee: $160
Retreat Fee: $175
Total = $12,835
Tuition: $12,500
Tech Fee: $160
Total = $12,660
Tuition: $12,500
Tech Fee: $160
Chromebook: $500
Total = $13,160

All families must use the FACTS Automatic Withdrawal System unless tuition is paid in full or a special payment plan has been pre-approved by the DB administration. Families may choose to use an annual, semester, quarterly, or monthly payment plan. Any grant or scholarship will be applied to tuition and payments will be adjusted. Families who pay tuition in full by July 1st will receive a 3% discount. The 3% early pay discount for annual payments will be computed after all discounts, scholarships, and grants have been deducted and the discount does not apply to the student fees.   Monthly payment plans include 11 monthly payments for underclassmen and 10 monthly payments for seniors. The first monthly payment is due in July.


Registration Fee - All students are required to pay a $250 non-refundable Registration Fee. This fee is paid in February during the Course Selection Process.

Raffle Fundraising Fee - The Raffle Fee is $150 for individual students and $250 for multi-student families. This fee is due in August before school begins.

The One-to-One Tablet Program - A Chromebook must be purchased by all Freshmen and Transfer students for $500.  This fee may not be added to tuition. Junior and Seniors will lease a Surface for $150. This fee will be added to tuition payments.

Technology Fee - The Technology Fee is $160 per student.

Senior Graduation Fee - Seniors must pay a $175 fee for graduation expenses, including the students’ cap & gown. This fee will be added to tuition payments.

Junior Retreat Fee - Juniors must pay a $175 fee for a Kairos Retreat. This fee will be added to tuition payments.

Course Fees – Some courses have additional fees associated with the course. Please refer to the Course Description Book for those additional fees.


All payment plans, except annually, are paid by automatic payment through FACTS Management Company.
For the 2021-2022 school year, returning families are automatically re-enrolled in FACTS. New families must register for the FACTS payment system. Registration must be completed by May 1st.
To enroll, click here.
Information you will need to enroll:
  • Bank Name
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • A user name and password you create
Student ID numbers will be added by the tuition office.


In order to receive tuition assistance from Bishop DuBourg High School and from the Archdiocese, families must complete a Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation (TTEF) ApplicationThe TTEF online scholarship application process occurs in February each year. Tuition assistance will be awarded by the Archdiocese and Bishop DuBourg High School in mid May. The various types of tuition assistance are listed below.

Family Scholarships These scholarships are available during those years in which two or more students from a family are enrolled in Archdiocesan High Schools. If all students attend Bishop DuBourg High School the second student discount is $3000 and the third student is free. If different Archdiocesan High Schools are attended, the second child discount is $400 and the third is $1200.

Presidential Scholarships - Bishop DuBourg designates 10 incoming freshmen each year who receive a $1,500 scholarship for excellence in academics, faith and service, leadership and extracurricular activities. This scholarship follows the student all four years, provided he or she strives to be a leader in these areas.

Beyond Sunday Fellows Program This program is administered by the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri. Students who receive assistance from the Beyond Sunday Fellows Program will earn twice as much money if the student attends an Archdiocesan High School (such as DB) compared to a private high school. Deadline is in February each year.

Catholic Family Tuition Assistance (CFTA) - Parish registered Catholic families are eligible. Grants are made on the basis of financial need as determined by the application process. Deadline is in February each year.

DB Tuition Assistance - Tuition Assistance given by Bishop DuBourg is only available to families who complete the TTEF Application. All students are eligible. You do not need to be Catholic.

Parish Employee Endowment Fund (PEEP) - Employee must work 1,000 hours in the course of a year in order to be eligible.   

Secondary School Tuition Grants for Elementary Educators (GIA) This is for teachers, principals, and DRE’s who have taught one or more years in one of our Catholic elementary schools. The application is available through the employer (pastor or principal). The teacher must have taught the year prior to the grant year and must work half time or more in order to be eligible.

For additional questions about tuition or financial assitance please contact:
Jim Campbell
(314) 783-4482
Joan Provaznik
Business Manager
(314) 783-4492