Performing Arts

The award-winning  Theater Guild of Bishop DuBourg High School has a longstanding reputation for delivering stellar performances driven by talented casts, innovative set designs, and masterful lighting and sound design.  Involvement with the Guild can be an extracurricular activity or through classes within the school curriculum.  The Guild offers students the opportunity to be involved in 3 productions a year. From lighting to sound to set design to stage direction to performance, there is something for everyone!

Many talented actors, actresses, and musical greats have graced the stage at Bishop DuBourg and moved on to attain success in movies, soundtracks, and on the stage including Ken Page ’72,  Norbert Leo Butz ’85, Marcy Weigert ’06, Justin Leibrecht ’06, and Greg Schweizer ’73.

The shows are open to the public! Please join us for a show this year!

Upcoming Show ~  Once Upon a Mattress   ~  April 23-25, 2015

The popular musical that marked the Broadway debut of Carol Burnett. Based on “The Princess and the Pea” by Hans Christian Andersen.


Princess Winnifred arrives at Prince Dauntless the Drab’s castle hoping for the hand of the prince. His mother, Queen Agravain, insists that her son can only marry a princess of true blood (one who can feel a pea that is underneath a pile of mattresses). Winifred passes the test, unable to sleep all night from discomfort and they live happily ever after

This was the first musical Norbert Leo Butz did here at DuBourg.  He played the male lead, Prince Dauntless, and he was just a freshman.  First role for a young man who wound up a Tony Winner on Broadway. 


Character name – Student name, year in school

Princess Winnifred the Woebegone – Sydney Russell, so
Prince Dauntless – Evan Turek , sr
Queen Aggravain – Cat Blassie, so
Jester – Aaron Tucker, so
Minstrel – Tyler Carmack , sr
Wizard – Aaron Hughes, so
King Sextimus the Silent – Vincent Wienhoff, sr
Lady Larken – Kaitlyn Caragher, jr
Sir Harry – Jordan Wolk, sr
Lady Rowena – Scarlett O’Shaughnessy, sr
Lady Helen – Tien Nguyen, so
Lady Sarah – Vivian Schwer, jr
Lady Lucille – Nina Kramer, jr
Lady Mabelle – Melissa Dierkes, jr
Lady Merrill – Missy Trabanco, jr
Ladies-in-Waiting -
Anna Reitz, jr
Grace Goedeker, jr
Janae Reed-Jones, fr
Sir Studley – Jacob Petersen, sr
Sir Russell (1st Knight) – Joey Nguyen, jr
Sir Michael (2nd Knight) – Tony Vo, sr

Show runs April 23, 24, 25 7:30—doors at 7:00

Tickets available the nights of and at all school lunches starting Monday April 20, or call Larry Driscoll at 314-783-4417.

Ticket prices:
Plays - $8.00 for Adults, $6.00 for High School Students, $6.00 for 6-7-8th graders, $4.00 for 12 years and under.
Musicals - $10 for Adults, $8.00 for High School Students, $8.00 for 6-7-8th graders, $8.00 for 65 years and up, $4.00 for 12 years and under.


The courses available in the preforming arts are listed below:

INTRO TO STAGE PERFORMANCE – Semester 1 Length/Credit: One Semester (½ credit)
This class is both academic and project oriented. Through studying about stage performance and by  practicing the skills necessary for performance, the student can gain a fundamental understanding of the  art of the stage performance as well as self-confidence in performing, individually or with others, before a  group. The class focuses on the elements of stage acting: imagination, concentration, improvisation, and  voice and body control. Students take part in acting games and exercises and perform scenes from a play  by the end of the semester.

INTRO TO ELEMENTS OF THEATRE – Semester 2 Length/Credit: One Semester (½ credit)
Grade Level: Freshman – Sophomore Elective This class is both academic and project oriented. Through studying about the theatre and by practicing the skills of the theatre, the student can gain a fundamental understanding of the art of the theatre as well as self-confidence in functioning in a public situation as an individual or as a member of a group. The class focuses on the elements outside of acting that are necessary for the production of a stage play with the emphasis on the structure of a play, choosing a play, and technical aspects like costuming, make-up and setting. Students have the chance to put together and perform their own plays during the semester.

ACTING SKILLS – Semester 1 Length/Credit: One Semester (½ credit)
This class covers and explores the basic skills required in the craft and art of acting for the stage. The student examines and practices these skills both as an individual and as a member of a group. The course begins with individual and group projects in acting games and exercises, improvisation, vocal and movement exercises. It then proceeds to focus on the basics of characterization and scene study. This class demands that the student has a serious interest in learning or developing skills for performing in public. Students may take the course for additional semesters at a higher level.

SKILLS OF SET BUILDING – Semester 1, 2 or Both Length/Credit: One or Two Semesters
This class explains, demonstrates, and develops the skills used in the design, construction, and painting of scenery for the stage. This class is only for the student who is am bitious and serious about learning or  developing skills in carpentry and painting. It is possible that some fundamentals of stage lighting will be  covered if time permits. The class demands that the student enjoys physical labor and is cooperative and  self-motivated. Students may take the course for additional semesters at a higher level.