Faith & Service

Upon first entering its premises, Bishop DuBourg proclaims its Catholicity.  Words like “Tradition,” “Leadership” and others adorn the canopy as one enters the school building; the last of these is “Faith.”  A memorial grotto complete with a large cross set in the ground with a tombstone commemorating the unborn killed in abortion face Eichelberger.

Upon entering the building, a prominent free-standing crucifix is displayed in the middle of the foyer.  During Advent, the wreath is placed in the center of the DB logo.  On the foyer’s northern wall, sets an icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a candle; to the left of the foyer is a display that shows some of the history of Bishop DuBourg, including pictures of religious sisters, Archdiocesan priests and lay people who were critical in founding it.  Hanging from the ceiling of the foyer is a poster proclaiming, “Christ is the reason for this school…”  Farther into the foyer, in the left stairwell, a pedestal with the Blessed Virgin Mary sets; on the other stairwell, a prominent crucifix is displayed.

The Campus Ministry Office sets opposite the Main Office upon walking down the western hallway of the main floor.  It is a spacious office in which Mrs. Sandy Leibrecht and Mr. Larry Driscoll function as a team that ministers days of prayer, reflection and overnight retreats to our students and faculty.  Everyday at 7:25 am, six to twelve faculty members gather for morning prayer.  Campus ministry also plans, organizes and implements all-school Masses—which occur about monthly; a student-based liturgical music group also is an extension of Campus Ministry.  Occasional class Masses occur as well.  Twice per year—Advent and Lent—the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available to students and faculty.

With the addition a few years ago of Fr. Michael Lydon, our Vice-President for Faith Formation, Catholic identity is further solidified: after-school Mass with the football players, cheerleading and pom-pom squads, a weekly Wednesday morning prayer service with the faculty-with occasional celebrations of the Sacrament of Anointing, weekly student prayer group on Tuesday mornings in the fourth floor Finan Chapel, a morning and afternoon prayer on DBC-Live, Advent and Lenten celebrations of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and monthly service at St. Vincent de Paul parish’s Meals Program.

In the classroom, Religion is a required subject every year.  All teachers are expected to start every class with prayer, especially remembering students or family members who are in need.  The following Religion  courses are taught from Freshman to Senior year: the Old and New Testaments, a general Catholic faith course and one on human sexuality, the Sacraments, Catholic morality and Church History, Christian Lifestyles and Catholic Social Teaching.

Every year, students attend a Day of Reflection with their entire class.  Seniors go on an overnight retreat to Marianist Retreat and Conference Center.  Every single class is expected to give service, reaching a crescendo Senior year as the Seniors take the first two weeks of January to perform service at a variety of sights throughout the St. Louis area.

Our Catholic Identity is an integral part of who we are at Bishop DuBourg High School.  Indeed, without it, why would it exist?  Every class begins with prayer.  Every year, students are required to do service work, take Religion class, attend a day of reflection or retreat, and participate in sacramental celebrations like the Eucharist and Reconciliation.  Set in Catholic South St. Louis for over 50 years, Bishop DuBourg High School has proclaimed Christ and is proud of its Catholic Identity.