Exams 2012

Exam Schedule
Fall 2012

- Students must wait in the cafeteria before exams. They will be released from the cafeteria at 7:35. They will not be allowed to stay in the cafeteria. Teachers will be available to help students from 7:45-8:40. During this time, students who are in the building must report to a teacher’s classroom or the computer lab. The library will be closed. Students must report directly to their first exam by 8:45 AM.

- Teachers will also be available to help students after the last exam of the day from
11:25 – Noon.

- Students not taking exams must wait in the library during exam times.

- Students must dress in proper uniform on exam days.

Tuesday, December 18th
Period 1 8:45-10:00
Period 2 10:10-11:25

Wednesday, December 19th
Period 3 8:45-10:00
Period 4 10:10-11:25

Thursday, December 20th
Period 5 8:45-10:00
Period 6 10:10-11:25

Friday, December 21st
Period 7 8:45-10:00
Period 8 10:10-11:25