Academy of Advanced Studies

Keynote speaker Air Force Col. Jeannie Flynn Leavitt ’85 spoke at the dinner for the inaugural class of the Academy of Advanced Studies

The purpose of the Academy of Advanced Studies is to offer students a more rigorous program of academic studies. We want our students to realize that their talents are a gift from God which need to be developed and used for others. Our faculty and staff will challenge their students to achieve the highest possible level of academic excellence.

Students will be accepted into the Academy of Advanced Studies during the incoming freshman admissions process or at the end of freshman year. Students who score 85% or above on standardized tests and who have a B+ average will be considered as candidates for the academy. All eligible students will receive an application for the academy.

Final approval of all candidates will be determined by the Academy of Advanced Studies Admissions’ Committee which is led by the Principal. Space in the program is limited for each grade level. Special circumstances will be evaluated by the administration and the admissions committee.

Students enrolled in the program have additional graduation requirements. Optional elective courses will be offered over the summer at Bishop DuBourg High School so students can take additional courses during the school year. Enrichment programs and online courses will be provided during the school year and over the summer.

All Academy of Advanced Studies students should enroll in courses designed as enriched, honors, advanced, or college credit. Our enriched and honors level courses move at a faster pace and require more independent work. Advanced college credit courses are offered through Saint Louis University. Students must dually enroll in the Bishop DuBourg course and the university course to earn the college credit. Students have the opportunity to take 18 enriched, honors, advanced or college credit courses during their four years. Students in the Academy of Advanced Studies must take at least 16 of these designated courses. Students not in the Academy of Advanced Studies can also take Advanced College Courses.

Enriched courses are offered freshman and sophomore year in English, math, science, and social studies. Advanced College Credit Courses are available in English, math, social studies, French and Spanish. The following honors courses are mainly offered junior and senior year and have a weighted grade point average: Honors Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Honors Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Honors American History, Honors Western Civilization, Calculus, Honors Algebra II Trig, Advanced Math, Honors English III and IV, Honors Spanish III and IV, Honors French III and IV, and Advanced Art Studies IV, and Concert Band IV.

Students who transfer to Bishop DuBourg High School are eligible for the Academy of Advanced Studies. These students must apply for the program and the admissions’ committee will evaluate their transcript to determine eligibility.

Students who participate in our Academy of Advanced Studies have a more rigorous course of study and will be recognized with a special distinction on their diploma.