Shadow Program

When choosing a high school, we recommend visiting for a day. The shadow program will give you the opportunity to experience life at Bishop DuBourg High School. A visit can be very important in helping you determine which school is right for you.

Eigth graders may visit in the fall and spring. Seventh graders may visit in the spring. Transfer students are welcome to come all year round.

What do I wear?

We ask that all visitors comply with our dress code. Visitors may wear khakis and a polo or their current school uniform.

Do I need to bring anything?

You do not need to bring anything with you when you come to visit because lunch is on us!

Who will I be shadowing?

Visitors will be paired up with a current sophomore or junior. You will go to their classes and activities that they have scheduled for the day. We also do our best to match you with a student who has similar interests.

What will I do during my shadow visit?

Below is a sample schedule of your day at Bishop DuBourg.


Visitors should arrive and check into the main office. Visitors will then receive a packet and meet their tour guide and go on a tour of the school.


Visitors will attend Period 1 with their tour guide.


Visitors will attend Period 2 with their tour guide.


Visitors will attend Period 3 class with their tour guide and eat one of three lunches at this time.
(Lunch is on Bishop DuBourg. You do not need to bring one.)


Visitors will attend Period 4 class with their tour guide.


The day will end in the main office. Your tour guide will bring you here to check out.


Visitors will be picked up in the main office.

How do I schedule a shadow visit?

Please contact Director of Admissions Ryan Sykora, at 314-783-4419 or
to make a reservation. We recommend that a parent schedule the visit at least one week in advance.

What time do I need to arrive and be picked up?

When coming to shadow a student for the day, we ask that you be here at 7:45 am in the main office, which is located just to the right of the main entrance to the campus. You can then be picked up at 2:15 pm in the main office.