Admissions Process

Eighth grade students who are interested in Bishop DuBourg High School need to get an application from their Catholic elementary schools.

If you are enrolled in PSR, you may obtain an application from your instructor or DRE.

Those who are in public schools or are home schooled need to contact Director of Admissions Ryan Sykora, at 314-783-4419
for an application.


The Application Process

The first step is to mark Bishop DuBourg High School as

your first choice school.

A student profile will be mailed to applicants in

December. Applicants are asked to be returned in early January.

Bishop DuBourg High School Merit Based Scholarship

Application/ Academy of Advanced Studies will be mailed to all first choice applicants in early December and are asked to be returned by early January.

In Jaunary elementary school principals send

copies of applicant’s first semester report cards to

Bishop DuBourg High School.

In early February, Bishop DuBourg High School will

mail out acceptance letters to students.

If you would like any other information regarding admissions, please contact Director of Admissions Ryan Sykora, at 314-783-4419 or at