Media Center

The Media Center is a center for research and reading for pleasure. The Media Center may be used by all classes. The Media Center is open during academic hour and after school on designated days. The following outlines rules for using the Media Center.

  1. Silence is to be observed at all times. The Media Center supervisor may request that a student leave the Media Center because of failure to comply.
  2. All materials borrowed from the Media Center must be checked in or out at the desk.
  3. The fines for overdue materials are 25 cents per day. Students will be sent one overdue notice. Failure to pay fines and return overdue books will result in loss of Media Center privileges. Report cards will be held until the materials are returned or fines are paid.
  4. Students are responsible for the good care of all Media Center materials. Any material that appears damaged should be reported to the Media Center supervisor before it is checked out. Media Center materials damaged or lost must be paid for by the student.
  5. Students may access library resources online through the online library. Students will receive their online library IDs and passwords in September of each school year.