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Graduation Req’s « Bishop DuBourg : St. Louis, MO | Christ-Centered, Service-Driven, Student-Focused

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 30.4 credits, including 24 in core subject areas, complete 150 service hours and participate in the retreat programs throughout their high school career.


Religion 4 Units
Christian Service .4 Unit
English 4 Units
Social Studies 3 Units
Science 3 Units
Math 3 Units
Foreign Language 2 Units
Practical Arts 1 Unit
Computers .50 Units
Fine Arts 1 Unit
Physical Education 1 Unit
Health .50 Units
Electives 6 Units
Cavalier Experience * 1 Unit


Service Hours:

  • Freshman – 20 hours
  • Sophomore – 25 hours
  • Junior – 35 hours
  • Senior – 70 hours

*Cavalier Experience is a special course designed to assist all freshmen in the transition from elementary school to high school. The course focuses on leadership, teamwork, communications, service, and study skills.