Bishop DuBourg High School offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum designed to prepare all our students for college and post-high school life.  The Bishop DuBourg High School curriculum is well rounded, challenging and individualized to meet the varying academic needs and interests of all our students.  We offer a full range of programs in the following.  Click on the appropriate link to view the Curriculum Guide by department:

Our rotating block schedule allows students an opportunity to delve more deeply into the curriculum and allows more opportunities for out-of-school enrichment activities.  All students participate in an academic hour daily.  During this time, all of our teachers are available to provide extra assistance and the library and computer labs are also open for student use.

Bishop DuBourg School-Wide Goals
Bishop DuBourg High School is a comprehensive school where each student is challenged to succeed in all aspects of education.  Bishop DuBourg’s faculty and staff strive to empower our students to:

  1. Live the gospel message by showing respect for God, self and others through worship, service and moral decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic beliefs, principles and practices.
  3. Exhibit acceptance and appreciation of the diversity in our communities.
  4. Express personal, moral and civic responsibility.
  5. Apply creativity, talents, knowledge and logical reasoning to gather and evaluate information and to solve problems.
  6. Utilize critical thinking skills and effective study habits across the curriculum to support life-long learning.
  7. Use technology appropriately and effectively to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  8. Communicate in an effective and appropriate manner.
  9. Demonstrate the aspects of healthy living including social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.