College Counseling

College Planning

Applications, test-taking strategies, practice tests, prep class information and advisory mini-prep classes are available.

College Information

  • Catalogs
  • DVD/Videos
  • College files with applications
  • Summer Enrichment information
  • College Guides
  • Guidance Newsletter
  • Internet Access/Web sites/online information
  • Computerized college searches
  • Scheduled visits from college admission representatives
  • College Planning Programs


College Financial Aid/ Scholarships

  • Books on scholarships and financial aid
  • Access to computer programs for scholarship searches
  • Web resources for scholarship searches
  • Scholarship listings through the Guidance Newsletter and  announcements
  • FAFSA forms available December of Senior Year
  • Financial aid information night for parents


Career Information

  • Books available on careers and jobs including the Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Individual assessment using the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory
  • Web resources for career searches and information
  • Career Speakers
  • Job board



Bishop DuBourg has a testing day in October that coincides with the National Test Date for the PSAT/NMSQT.  Students take the following assessments:

American College Testing — EXPLORE- The EXPLORE test is a curriculum-based assessment program to help ninth graders develop a course plan to prepare them to achieve their post-high school goals.

American College Testing – PLAN test – (Practice ACT) This assessment includes an interest inventory and provides information on a student’s ability in math science, English and reading.  It is an indicator of potential success in college.

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT/NMSQT) – (Practice SAT)  This assessment has three parts:  verbal, math and writing.  It is also considered an indicator of potential success in college.
The Guidance Office is located in Room 115.  Please call or email us with your questions and concerns.