Bishop DuBourg School Facts

Bishop DuBourg High School has a rich history that includes developing leaders in faith and service. It was named for the first bishop of St. Louis. The school moved to its current St. Louis Hills location in 1953 after being founded at Jefferson Barracks. Bishop DuBourg High School boasts more than 20,000 successful alumni in almost every professional, spiritual, and civic field.

Bishop DuBourg High School offers a comprehensive, co-educational experience for students in grades 9-12. The faculty prides itself on a Christ-centered curriculum and rigorous academic standards. Students at Bishop DuBourg are encouraged to grow both academically and spiritually during their four years.

As a comprehensive school, Bishop DuBourg High School challenges students of varying abilities. The individualized curriculum allows students to reach their highest potential in each subject area. As a co-educational school, Bishop DuBourg boasts a sampling of real-life experiences. The entire campus is equipped for a student-friendly atmosphere conducive to learning with access to wireless internet connections, laptops and smart board technology.

    • Students come from 83  different grade schools and 25 different zip codes
    • 16% of our students are of other faiths (Non-Catholic)
    • 44% boys and 56% girls. Total student population of 435  students
    • 14:1 is the student to teacher ratio
    • 22% of our students are African-America, Asian, or Hispanic

DB Administration, Faculty, and Staff

  • 35 lay women
  • 24 lay men
  • 2 clergy
  • 61 total
  • 14:1 is the student to teacher ration
  • 11:1 is the student to professional staff ratio

DB Athletics and Activities

  • Bishop DuBourg offers 36 athletic teams at all levels of competition
  • We also offer 19 different clubs and organizations, and are always looking to add more