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President's Welcome

Dear DB Family,


I have spent the majority of my priestly years at Bishop DuBourg. I have met many talented and memorable students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and benefactors during those years. I remember Floyd Hacker and Tom Jokerst – both former Administrators here – speaking fondly of “the people of Bishop DuBourg.” By this, they meant both the teachers and staff who worked at DB, as well as the students, parents and alumni who participate in our Mission. What are some of the characteristics that define “the people of Bishop DuBourg?"


“You are the salt of the earth.” Jesus used this image in the Beatitudes when describing how disciples should affect the world in which they lived. They should preserve the good and add flavor to world, keeping it from becoming mediocre. Another meaning for “salt of the earth” includes “unpretentious, what you see is what you get.” The people of Bishop DuBourg are down to earth people who are not out to impress others. They are eminently ordinary, approachable, and real. 


“How can I help?” Most of our students, parents, alumni and benefactors are ready to help when they are asked to serve our Mission in some way.   Attending fundraising events, helping as a parent-ambassador, volunteering to staff events, serving on a reunion committee, working on minor repairs in the facilities, donating to our DB Forever Annual Fund or our Adopt a Student Fund, attending athletic contests are just a few ways that our students, parents and alumni assist our DB Mission.  Such a volunteer spirit makes manifest our motto, “Faith in Christ . . . Service to Others.” 


“We are DB proud.” We are the only coeducational, comprehensive Catholic high school in south St. Louis city and county. We are proud of our coed dimension because we believe “life is coed.” We proudly assert our coed aspect because we want our boys and girls to learn together in a Christian, safe, and conducive environment that will help them succeed in a coed world. We also accept students of all ability levels and learning styles. We work hard at accommodating the needs of every single student in our school, designing individual curriculum plans for many. At Bishop DuBourg, every student is treasured as a child of God.


“We are DB diverse.” Not only are we coed and comprehensive, our students hail from 45 different zip codes and 66 grade schools. We are 25% African-American, Hispanic, Asian, or biracial. We are 80% Catholic and 20% from other faith traditions. Our students span the socioeconomic spectrum. Approximately 60% of our students receive some sort of scholarship, grant, discount or tuition assistance to attend Bishop DuBourg. At Bishop DuBourg, we have a variety of people and gifts that make up our cell in the Body of Christ in St. Louis.


The people of Bishop DuBourg are down to earth, willing to serve others, and proud of our coeducational, comprehensive and diverse makeup. We strive to live our motto, “Faith in Christ . . . Service to Others.”  Thank you for being part of the “people of Bishop DuBourg.”


God bless you,

Fr. Michael Lydon