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Admissions Process

NEW Online Application Process 2017-18

Elementary School Principals, PSR Directors, and Students from non-Catholic Elementary Schools (not attending PSR classes)
The application process for the 8th graders has changed beginning this 2017-18 school year. The application will be online and included with an email memo that you can forward to each of your 8th grade parents. The link will also be available on our website.
The application online process will begin November 1 through November 15, 2017.
Applications are due November 15.

Welcome to Bishop DuBourg High School!


Hello, my name is Ryan Sykora and I am a 2000 graduate of Bishop DuBourg High School. My job is to help families transition from grade school into high school, in addition to assisting transfer students who are seeking a better fit.


Why Bishop DuBourg?  My high school experience was amazing. Academically, I was challenged in the classroom by teachers, as well as my peers to strive for excellence.  Athletically, I was given the opportunity to play varsity early and often in multiple sports, which lead to an athletic scholarship, a DB Hall of Fame induction, and multiple conference and district titles. Socially, the co-educational atmosphere did not hinder my ability to learn and actually helped me interact positively with the opposite gender in college and in life. 


The changes that have occurred at Bishop DuBourg since my graduation have been remarkable. The school has never looked better and the teachers and staff have never been more caring. The Academy of Advanced Studies has never challenged our students more and the one-to-one tablet initiative has transformed the way Cavaliers learn in the 21st century.


There has never been a better time to be a Cavalier and I encourage every student to attend a High School Night, Open House, sporting event or play. In addition, I strongly encourage you to participate in our Jr. Cav Shadow Program and spend a day with us to truly experience student life on campus.

Faith in Christ…Service to Others


Ryan Sykora ‘00

Director of Admissions

Athletic Director


Admissions Process

Eighth grade students who are interested in Bishop DuBourg High School need to get an application from their Catholic elementary schools.

If you are enrolled in PSR, you may obtain an application from your instructor or DRE.

Those who are in public schools or are home schooled need to contact Ryan Sykora, at 314.783.4464 for an application.


1. Choose DuBourg

The first step is to mark Bishop DuBourg High School as your first choice school.

2. Fill out Student Profile

A student profile will be mailed to applicants in December. Applicants are asked to be returned in early January.

3. Apply for the Presidential Scholarship

Bishop DuBourg High School Merit Based Scholarship

Application/Academy of Advanced Studies will be mailed to all first choice applicants in early December and are asked to be returned by early January.

4. Elementary School Reports

In January elementary school principals send copies of applicant’s first semester report cards to Bishop DuBourg High School.

5. Acceptance Letters

In early February, Bishop DuBourg High School will mail out acceptance letters to students.


If you would like any other information regarding admissions, please contact Ryan Sykora, at 314.783.4464.